Car Armrests

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The car's armrest is located exactly in the center of the vehicle. Not all cars are equipped with them or are equipped with simple models in hard plastic with non-adjustable height. To increase your driving comfort, however, it is possible to buy a special armrest, to be installed on your right side to support the arm when you operate the gear lever or hold the steering wheel. This convenience can make life easier for those who spend many hours driving or who have problems with cervical pain: thanks to the armrest, the right arm can work without keeping the muscles of the neck and shoulder in tension.

This article, however, is not only a comfort for the driver, but also for the passenger on his right.

How to choose car armrests

There are various types of armrests for cars. The simplest is made up of synthetic leather cushions to be hooked, using appropriate elastic bands, to the existing armrest or to be placed in the compartment between the two front seats. A practical and fast solution.

Those who are interested in more sophisticated solutions can buy rigid structure armrests, often in ABS, a thermoplastic material, covered with a faux leather or spongy and perforated fabric padding, for greater comfort. Some models can be folded up and can be lifted if necessary; many are height adjustable depending on the needs.

These armrests also help to organize and organize the spaces inside the car: in fact, they have a storage compartment to store keys, car chargers, documents, Bluetooth headsets and navigators. Some models then have a small external compartment at the base, ideal for coins with which to pay tolls.

The armrests are easy to install: some only need to be fixed in the central tunnel (ie the part of the car where the gearbox and handbrake are located), while others require fixing by screws. In any case, it is a good idea to check the compatibility of the item with your car model.