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In addition to the brake and the tires, the car battery is a wearing part, which should be regularly checked for their full function and changed. There are many reasons why car batteries are getting tired after a while. A lighted vehicle headlight, low temperatures in winter, or a long age are just a few of many possible factors why the car battery gives up its spirit. If you are sure that no engine damage is present and the classic jump-start of another vehicle is unsuccessful, the replacement of the car battery would be the logical consequence. Of course, a non-functional car battery is annoying. Many motorists therefore turn to a workshop to have the battery changed. The good news, however, is that batteries can easily be bought and exchanged either by themselves or by friendly experts. You do not have to be a trained mechanic yourself to make a change. By following simple tricks, you can replace your next battery and save money. The batteries can be conveniently purchased online and delivered to your home.

Which battery is right for my car?

There are basically three types of car batteries. The wet battery, EMG battery and EFB battery. Before you decide to buy a new battery, you need to know which battery is right for your car. The best way to find this out is to look at your old battery, read the manual, or ask your car dealer. You should also know what capacity is needed. For example, most wet batteries are maintenance-free and therefore do not need to be filled with distilled water. They can therefore just as well be used in the trunk. The wet batteries, or lead acid batteries, are the most commonly used batteries. The electrolyte is in liquid form and mostly bound in distilled water. Although these types of batteries do not require maintenance, it is still advisable to check before winter. By contrast, AMG batteries are very popular for vehicles with long service lives, start-stop systems and motorcycles. The electrolytes are bound in a glass fiber fleece. They produce more cold-flow and are therefore more resistant to cold winter temperatures. In the summer, however, you are more sensitive to heat. EFB batteries are comparatively less common. They are available in battery form and are known for their long life.

What must be considered when changing the battery?

Basically, no special tool is needed to change a car battery. All you need is a screwdriver and pliers, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

• The use of polar fats can prevent greenish incrustations (oxidation) around the battery.

• Before changing the battery, make sure that the engine of the car and all consumers, such as the radio, are switched off.

• First, unscrew the nut on the negative terminal so that the black connection cable can then be removed.

• Then the red wire connected to the positive pole is discarded. It is important to pay attention to the order to prevent a short circuit.

• Then remove the retaining screws that hold the batteries in the engine compartment to remove the battery.

• Now you can easily install the new car battery. It should be noted that the cables must now be replaced in reverse order. First speak the red cable to the positive pole and then the black cable to the negative pole.

So you really do not have to be a skilled auto mechanic to change a battery. If you are still unsure, it is advisable to ask an expert.