Car Boot Mats

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Trunk mats can be used in any vehicle. They protect the lining of the boot, which can not be removed on many cars. In addition, the mats have a non-slip surface, which is especially useful for loading station wagons and vans.

What material should be made of trunk mats?

When buying boot mats, pay attention to a material that effectively repels moisture and dirt. You will often be carrying things in the trunk that are not very clean or wet with moisture. If you have equipped your car with a waterproof and dirt-repellent trunk mat, dirt and moisture are kept away from the integrated boot lining. Robust products are made of rubber or plastic. The surface of both materials can be easily wiped off and treated with a cleaning agent if necessary. The quality of the surface is not affected. This means that you can use mats made of rubber or plastic throughout the entire vehicle life in the vehicle.

How to choose suitable trunk mats?

- Are there trunk mats for a specific vehicle brand? Yes. Many manufacturers offer tailor-made products that you simply need to put in the trunk of your car. When buying it is important that you consider the exact model name. So you need for a station wagon other mat than for a sedan.

- Are trunk mats also suitable for seven-seater vehicles? You get special products for vehicles with seven seats. In some cases, however, installation is only possible if the seats in the back row have been sunk or removed.