Car Cigarette Lighters

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The cigarette lighter device, of which all cars are equipped, is not only an accessory for smokers, but a real power socket that can be useful in a thousand different ways. In fact, you can connect a classic USB car charger and power any smartphone, tablet or satellite navigator even simultaneously. The cigarette lighter socket also allows you to use other useful travel accessories such as a mini 12V compressor, an emergency starter kit, a voltmeter and even a small car fridge.

How does the car cigarette lighter work?

The cigarette lighter you normally find on your car is made up of a 12V powered circular socket, which can be combined with a thermoelectric lighter or simply covered by a flap. The cigarette lighter itself works thanks to a coil in nickel and chrome alloy which, when pushed into contact with the electrodes of the socket, becomes incandescent and allows you to light a cigarette without the aid of a flame. However, if you have chosen not to install a "smoking kit" in your car, in its place you will only find a socket that you can use to power any electronic device with a 12V cigarette lighter connector.

How to choose the cigarette lighter or its accessories?

- The cigarette lighter is based on a standard format common to all cars produced in Europe. In case of failure, therefore, you can also replace it with a universal model

- If you intend to purchase a USB car charger, choose models with two or more doors. This way you can take advantage of all the available amperage (10A) to recharge multiple devices at the same time

- Preferably buy devices equipped with fuses and integrated protection circuits