Car Clocks

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Reliable and indispensable, clocks for cars or for motorcycles make it possible to learn about the time, while remaining focused on its driving. Digital or analog, these mini-clocks are discreetly attached to a dashboard, a motorcycle handlebars or a ventilation grid.

What kind of clock for your car or motorcycle?

Whether for a car or a motorbike, the choice of such an accessory involves taking as much into consideration the functional aspect as the aesthetic aspect. While some car clocks offer additional functions, such as a thermometer or altimeter, others play the card of simplicity and design to fit better into the cabin of your vehicle. Colored LCD screen, dial with white or black ribbed hands, will be able to invite you on your dashboard.

How to choose your motorcycle clock or auto?

- Find out about the type of fastening provided to stabilize the clock and determine if it is suitable for your vehicle.

- Check whether the mini-clock has a backlight function to be readable at night.

- Make your choice according to the options that each model presents: display of seconds, date and / or temperature.

- Check the power source of the clock.

- Provide a waterproof stainless steel case, especially if you ride a motorcycle.