Car Covers

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Exposure to the sun, rain, snow or dust can wreak havoc on the body of your car. Having a suitable cover for our vehicle will not only make it look as good as new for a long time, but it can also extend its useful life.

What car cover do I need?

When deciding on a cover for our car, there are numerous factors to consider. The first thing is to determine if we need a cover for indoor or outdoor car. Although it seems a trifle, this factor is decisive when making our choice.

• Outdoor covers are prepared to withstand all the inclemencies of the weather, whether rain, snow, ice or extreme sun exposure.

• On the other hand, the interior ones are specific to protect cars from other types of aggressors: dust, dirt or leaks from garages are their main enemies.

Once we have this clear, it is time to think about the materials. Regarding this, there are certain points to keep in mind:

• It is important to avoid materials that retain moisture. It will be more appropriate to choose materials such as polyester than others such as cotton, as this will prevent the body from spoiling due to factors such as rust or mold.

• We must opt ​​for waterproof materials but, in turn, have respirators. It is important that the car is totally isolated from weather phenomena such as rain or snow, but that, in turn, is ventilated.

• It will always be better to have covers made of very malleable materials (or that have at least elastics in their seams), with rigid covers. In this way, the cover will adapt more faithfully to the size of the vehicle.

• Another detail to take into account in relation to the materials, is that the composition of the cover allows it to be washed easily.

Finally, we come to the last factor (but not least) to take into account in our purchase decision: the size. And, in terms of car covers, the size does matter. Although there is the possibility of purchasing a car cover of universal size, it is best to get one that fits the exact measurements of our vehicle.

• Covers by size: We can find covers classified by sizes, as if they were clothing items (S, M, L, XL and successive). At the time of acquiring a cover model that follows this type of classification, it is very important that we check to what exact measurements correspond in centimeters, in order to make sure that it will cover our car completely.

• Covers according to car model: There is the option of purchasing specific covers for certain car models. Although, it is true that not all models enjoy that possibility, it is worth investigating a little and see if you can get a specific case for your particular model.

Why should I buy a car cover?

A car cover, in addition to its protective function, fulfills another important mission: it is a good basic anti-theft system. What does this mean? Obviously, this does not mean that the car can not be stolen, but, by not directly exposing the contents of its interior, it can be more unnoticed than other vehicles. In addition, the thugs would have to think twice before getting to rob a car that previously had to remove the case, since it is a process that takes time and is not at all discreet.