Car Dashboard Light Bulbs

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To drive with full visibility it is very important to carry out constant maintenance of the car's exterior lights, such as headlights and fog lights, but to travel in complete safety it is also advisable to pay attention to the dashboard lights. In fact, among the dashboard bulbs, some lights, such as those in the dashboard, indicate any vehicle failures with lights coming on.

How to replace dashboard bulbs

The panel lights are usually T5 or T10 LED bulbs and are available in different colors: white, red, yellow, green, blue. For the replacement of these lamps for panels it is possible to buy single or set light bulbs with several elements, of different wattage and colors.

The classic white light bulbs are used for general lighting of the entire picture and instruments such as the odometer and tachometer. Blue bulbs are generally used to signal the turning on or off of fog lights, while the green and yellow lights indicate the turning on or off of some devices such as headlights or arrows. You have to pay close attention to the state of the red bulbs, because these are almost always associated with warning lights that indicate any faults or insufficiencies of the vehicle.

Other dashboard lights, on the other hand, serve to ensure a more comfortable environment and vehicle lighting even indoors and switch on by means of a switch. Among these, the dashboard colored LED strips are easy to install because they are equipped with adhesive fixing; they are flexible and therefore adapt to the different forms of car interiors.