Car Drink Holders

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Can holders provide safe storage for beverage cans and small bottles of up to 500 ml. While driving, the drinks can not tip over or slip. In many new vehicles, can holders are integrated into the dashboard or center armrest of the vehicles. Older cars do not have this feature yet.

Upgrade a drink holder in the car in a simple and inexpensive way. You have a choice of different models that you can adapt to the interior of your car.

How are can holders used?

Bottles or cans are simply put into the cup holder. When not in use many can holders can be folded. If you want to use the cup holder, just open it and put the drink in it. Some models can be adjusted in their circumference, so that a secure stand is guaranteed.

How to choose the right cup holder

- Are car drink holders universally suitable? Basically, can holders can be used in different vehicles. Before you buy, it is advisable to have a close look at the appearance and the way of installation. In this way, you can quickly find out if the model is suitable for your vehicle.

- What must be observed during installation? Most can holders are easy to assemble without you having to drill holes in the dashboard. The exact type of attachment differs for each model and occurs at the ventilation slots or at the center console of the vehicle.