Car EGR Valves

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Modern automotive engines, for several years now, have to comply with strict anti-pollution regulations that require the adoption of exhaust gas treatment systems designed to reduce harmful emissions.

What happens when the EGR valve does not work?

Like almost all the components of an engine, the EGR valves also perform a "dirty" job. By constantly coming into contact with the exhaust gases and unburned fuel residues, they are in fact subjected to the progressive accumulation of hydrocarbons on the walls of the internal ducts and on the valve itself. Consequently, on cars equipped with this particular component, the formation of thick hydrocarbon encrustations is almost always observed which can prevent the correct opening or closing of the valve and cause it to malfunction. When this happens, the valve can lock in the open position, causing a constant reduction of the mass of air drawn in by the engine and a conspicuous loss of power, especially at low speeds. Conversely, when the valve locks in the closed position there is a partial or total obstruction of the exhaust gas recirculation system and the consequent increase in harmful NOx emissions. Equally frequent is also the electrical failure of the valve position sensor, which, regardless of the actual operation of the same, immediately determines the ignition of the yellow engine failure light on the dashboard. The latter, in turn, entails a further power cut and the need to make an obligatory stop at the nearest mechanic.

How to choose EGR valves?

- If you suspect a malfunction of the EGR solenoid valve, immediately request an electronic diagnosis from a trusted mechanic in order to identify with certainty the origin of the fault

- To make sure you buy the correct spare part, carry out a search by entering the brand, model and engine of your car

- If you still have doubts, identify the identification code stamped on the original valve or request it directly from the manufacturer of your vehicle by going to a dealer or an authorized workshop

- Repeat the search by entering this code. Once the spare part compatible with your car has been identified, carry out a further check using, if possible, your manufacturer's catalog