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Remote control for cars

The car remote controls are low frequency radio wave transmitters that allow you to close, open the car and activate systems such as the burglar alarm simply by pressing a button.

Universal auto remotes can be found that can easily replace the supplied remote control and remotes addressed to specific brands and models.

Remote control models for cars

The classic car remote control allows you to control the locks at a distance and in some cases even adjust the windows; it can be equipped with a keyring hook to be kept with the main key. Some remote controls are the size of a credit card to be easily removed from the car and stored in your wallet or pocket.

The remote control can also be integrated into the handle of the key or equipped with a mechanical button that triggers the key if necessary. There are also remotes to be installed on the steering of the car that allow you to control the stereo controls without leaving your hands behind the wheel.

Smart keys, or smart keys, take advantage of sensors installed on the car handles. The sensor recognizes when the owner of the key cluster is nearby and automatically unlock the door when the handle is touched. Some models work like a remote control and are able to carry out maneuvers from the outside. The smart keys can be replaced in case of breakage or loss, but for the new installation of the device it is necessary that the car model is set up.

In addition to controlling simple functions using a car remote control, it is possible to start and stop the engine. Some car models are in fact equipped or predisposed to the installation of a push-button start.

For each type of smart key or remote control, protective rubber or plastic coatings are available that prevent damage and allow colors and patterns to be customized.