Car Emblems

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The coats of arms represent the car's prominent accessory, those that distinguish the vehicle and highlight its brand and performance. Being exposed to the wear and tear of time, it is easy for them to be damaged or lost, also considering their small size. However, they are easily replaceable and customizable thanks to a wide range of original crests and reproductions on the market.

Types of car badges

Badges are available manufactured by authorized manufacturers or by the mother company of the automative with the logos of the main automobile manufacturers; to be used instead of the original crests supplied or, alternatively, to be collected and used as decorations. These can be stickers or even models to be installed with screws and bolts, such as the badges for the rims or for the outer shells of the car. Limited edition coats of arms are also on the market, such as the anniversary editions of a specific model and key rings with emblems of the main car brands, which can also be combined with the color and model of the car.

There are also amusing car badges to make your car unique: some dedicated to the timeless superheroes can turn the car into a bat-furniture, for fans or even to amuse children. There is no lack of badges relating to football teams, to recognize at first glance the cars of the fans and badges with letters and numbers to personalize your vehicle as you wish. Many lines of badges are suitable for customizing and decorating racing cars, bringing the design of racing or rally cars to the road.

There are also crests composed of colored lights to be applied to the car in case of poor visibility to make the vehicle identifiable and avoid the risk of accidents. Some coats of arms provide information about the type of engine, fuel or vehicle load and others have flags or abbreviations of different countries and are useful in case of travel abroad to indicate the origin of the car.