Car Filters

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Filters are devices used to purify a fluid, be it air or a liquid such as oil and petrol, retaining solid particles, dust and impurities that could affect the correct operation of a part of the car. In a vehicle there are various types, which must be kept in a good state of cleanliness and, when too worn, replaced.

Given the variety of models and materials, it is important to ensure that the filter to be purchased is compatible with your vehicle. Furthermore, it would be good to always contact a mechanic for the installation of the new component.

Types of car filters

• Air filters: they are used to filter the dust in the air that flows into the engine and are placed in a box called "Air Box". These filters are made of simple materials such as paper and sponge and have various shapes. They are cleaned and replaced quite easily. Another air filter is that for the passenger compartment, which prevents passengers from breathing air contaminated by engine fumes.

• Fuel filters: they are used to filter petrol and above all diesel from impurities that can damage the engine. They can be found in the tank or even in the underbody.

• Oil filters: often made of paper and contained in a metal cylinder, they are used to retain metal residues from the engine. They are generally screwed to the engine block.

• Transmission oil filters: they are used to keep gearbox components homogeneously and constantly lubricated.

• Coolant filters: keep the coolant free of deposits to prevent engine overheating.

• Particulate filters: installed on diesel-powered vehicles, they are used to reduce fine dust and thus reduce pollution.