Car Fog Light Assemblies

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In most modern vehicles fog lights are integrated ex works. If you drive an older car or your fog light is defective, you can retrofit it. However, the legal regulations must be observed. So you are obliged to attach fog lights in pairs at the height of the bumper and connect to the on-board electronics so that they can be operated with a switch from inside the vehicle. In many vehicles, such a switch is already prepared. Alternatively, remove the veneer and retrofit an original switch.

When may the fog lamp be switched on?

Fog lights may only be switched on when the weather conditions require it. Often one sees drivers who want to draw attention to themselves on motorways or highways in clear weather with the fog light on. That is forbidden. If you use your fog lamps despite sufficient visibility and get into traffic control, you have to pay a fine.

The traffic regulations specify exactly when the fog light must be switched on. If the visibility is less than 50 meters, you are required to turn on the fog light. Failure to do so and being checked by the police will also result in a penalty. For this reason, you should observe the weather closely and put your fog lights in accordance with the regulations or switch off again.

When fog lamps are switched on in clear weather and darkness, they dazzle oncoming traffic very much, which is the reason for the ban on switching on. Driving with parking lights in combination with the fog lamps is prohibited as well as the use of the fog lamps as a replacement for a defective light bulb.

How do you choose fog lights?

- Are fog lights universally suitable for all vehicles? It depends on which fog lamps you choose. If you would like to retrofit original fog lights, they will be integrated into the bumper on most vehicles. If your car is not equipped with fog lights ex works, drive with a closed bumper. In the places where the fog lamps are recessed, the bumper is slightly perforated. You can remove the veneer from the perforation to integrate the corresponding fog lamps. If you opt for this solution, the fog lamps must have a specific shape. Alternatively, you can opt for the cultivation of universal fog lights. These are placed on the bumper or integrated into a manually made cutout. They are suitable for different vehicle models.