Car Fuses

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Car fuses control the vehicle's current flow and in the event of overloads prevent damage to the car's or motorcycle's electrical devices. That is, when a fuse blows you avoid burning the connected device.

Burning a fuse is one of the most common things among the small inconveniences of the motorist. Fortunately, however, the purchase and replacement of car fuses is a very simple operation that requires no special skills.

How to choose the car fuse

Lamellar fuses are the most common and widespread type in car and motorcycle systems. They consist of two metal tabs inserted in a colored plastic cap. They are available in different sizes, while the color determines the amperage. Blade fuses are housed in a special compartment in the car: the so-called fuse box. To perform the replacement, simply remove the fuse and replace it with one of the same size and color. For obvious safety reasons the replacement of the fuses must never take place with bare hands. A small plastic clamp is usually supplied with the fuse kit or can be purchased separately.

Torpedo fuses are plastic bars wrapped in a metal strip. They can be considered the ancestors of the lamellar model and are very widespread in the mechanics of the time: they are in fact the only fuses supplied on other generation cars.

Cartridge fuses are glass cylinders with metal linings at the ends. Inside the cylinder there is a filament whose integrity depends on the operation of the fuse. Also in this case the replacement is very simple and occurs by interlocking.

High current or tape fuses are simple metal bars that are usually screwed directly between the system cables and the battery. They are suitable for managing high current systems and devices and are installed above all on industrial vehicles or campers.

There are some very useful additional accessories such as fuse holders that also serve as applicators for replacement. Some fuse holders are equipped with one or more USB inputs: once the fuse has been inserted they allow you to connect any USB device and thus take advantage of the car or motorcycle power supply.