Car Mats & Carpets

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Indispensable in any vehicle, the car mats are included in the list of other accessories such as a boot protector, a non-slip silicone support or loading ramps, all to make a car more comfortable and, of course, safe . The objective of this complement is not other than to protect the vehicle's own floor, which does not mean that they also fulfill an aesthetic function that will change the image of any car.

How to clean car mats?

Here the answer always depends on the type of material that the mats are made of. In the case of models made of rubber or plastic, it is sufficient to apply water under pressure, having previously removed the mats from the vehicle. If, on the other hand, they are carpet accessories, the cleaning should start with a powerful vacuum that removes larger particles. Subsequently you can brush the mat until it is in perfect condition.

How to choose mats and carpets for cars?

- It is essential to choose between those made of PVC, rubber or any other material and carpet. The former are easier to maintain but less aesthetic.

- You must pay attention to the adhesion capacity of the car mats you have to buy. This is important both for your comfort and for your safety, so it is advisable to spend a moment studying this feature.

- Check that the model you have chosen is perfectly adapted to your car, since not all vehicles have the same measurements.