Car Number Plate Lights

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The LED lamps for the rear license plate offer you a dual aesthetic and practical function: in addition to making the license plate more visible, in fact, they also enhance the shapes of the rear-end adding a touch of style and sportiness. Unlike classic incandescent bulbs, LED license plates emit a more powerful and concentrated light, which allows you to create a pleasant contrast with the bodywork and rear lights. Thanks to the variety of models available, moreover, you can customize the lights to your liking using LED strips or normal interchangeable bulbs.

How to choose LED license plates?

- Make sure that the color of the replacement LEDs is similar to that of the originals

- If your car is equipped with automatic ignition lights, buy LEDs for license plates with appropriate controllers or suitable resistors, so as not to compromise the functionality

- Always check the compatibility of the lamps by consulting the maintenance booklet for your car or asking your trusted mechanic for advice