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Even before the summer really gets going, most of the first car roofs are already opening. And who can blame you? To enjoy the breeze and blow your hair in the sweltering heat is one of the nicest motoring experiences. For all fans of convertibles, the retractable roof is the greatest invention since the wheel. But the one man Freud is known to another man's suffering. Because especially for the safety engineers, the convertible is the biggest challenge. When it comes to the stability of a motor vehicle, the roof is an elementary component. It contributes significantly to the rigidity of the body and is thus significantly involved in the safety of the passenger compartment. In an open convertible, however, it is completely missing. But even if it is closed, there is a significant lack of security. The existing either made of textile folding tops or even the more modern types, with folding roofs, which consist of several steel elements, offer the body little stability. Even a fixed folding roof brings closed no advantage. In any case, so it needs a roll bar. This is necessary for survival, it should come to the worst. This is precisely why it is not only used in convertibles, but is often installed on pick-up trucks. He is an indispensable part of racing anyway.

What exactly is a roll bar?

According to the Duden, the roll bar is a "(particularly in sports or racing cars) over the seat running wide steel bracket, which should offer the driver protection, if the car overturns in an accident". Roughly, this is true. However, the material is not always steel. Also aluminum and other metals are occasionally used. The protection to be provided by the roll bar arises from the fact that it ensures in the event of a rollover that the roof is not pressed too much. This creates a sufficiently large survival space for all passengers in the car. In relation to the open convertible, this is created in the first place. In contrast to a roll cage, the bow is limited to only one level. This usually runs along the B-pillar of the vehicle. Some models also have rear struts. These offer additional stability and therefore also a lot of security. In more modern variants of the Cabriolet there are also so-called active roll bars. These fast in the event of a rash in fractions of a second from your anchorage and stabilize immediately. Incidentally, most closed road vehicles do not have a stirrup. This is because the bodies are self-supporting. In addition, they are also particularly reinforced in the area of ​​the B-pillar, which has the same effect.

What should I consider when buying a roll bar?

Safety always happens. If your convertible or pick-up truck does not have a factory roll bar or if you want to work in racing, you should definitely upgrade it. Of course, he is quite popular with tuning fans. After all, he can not only increase safety, but especially in the chrome-plated version, make something visually neat. For what purpose you buy the roll bar but also a few things you should note:

Also buy a model made of solid material and with at least 2.5 millimeters wall thickness, because it is so simply safer. One last point to consider, which also serves safety, is the attachment. Always buy a roll bar for screwing, as when welding, the seams can become a weak point.