Car Seat Cover Sets

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Your car seats are stained, damaged, old-fashioned or simply to protect? No need to change everything: a set of car seat covers will give you a great boost to your car interior.

How to choose a set of car seat covers?

Here are a number of criteria to consider before buying your car seat cover set.

• The number of seats: some packages only offer front seat covers, since some vehicles, such as utilities, do not have rear seats.

• Rear headrests: if they have become mandatory, not all cars have them. Also, because they are unlikely to deteriorate, some car seat cover sets do not have a headrest cover. If you want some, think of checking that they are included in the offer. In addition, recent and spacious cars often offer three headrests at the rear. However, many sets offer only two for the front and two for the back. This is also a point that requires your attention when buying.

• Side air bag opening: Some covers have slots on the side of the front seats to allow the side airbag to pass. It is very important not to block this airbag with an inappropriate cover. Conversely, if your car does not have a side airbag, these slots can be unsightly.

• The material: textile to protect your leather seats, or leather to give a luxurious effect to your seats?

• Color: choose an original color to revive the interior of your car, or opt for the black that will remain discreet.