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Car seat, safety priority

Upon leaving the maternity ward, your baby is fit to be moved by car. Young parents must be properly prepared to ensure total safety for their newborn.

The car seat, a mandatory investment

To better protect your child, from birth to ten years, when traveling by car, it is important to sit in a seat adapted to his age, size and weight. This gives you the best possible protection in the event of an accident thanks to specially designed equipment that will best distribute the impact of a potential shock.

Strict, reliable, regularly tested and updated standards must be absolutely respected. Young parents are strongly advised to read the installation instructions carefully.

Choosing the right car seat for your child

Check that the car seat of your choice meets the current safety standards. The "i-Size R129" standard sets regulations for the size of the child. It offers three categories:

for babies (from 45 cm to 75-85 cm)

for children (from 63-67 cm to 105 cm)

for adults (from 105 cm)

The European standard "ECE R44-04" tends to control the age and weight of the child. It divides into five groups the stages of its growth from birth to ten years.

Group 0: birth at 10 kg

Group 0+: birth at 13 kg

Group 1: 9 kg to 18 kg

Group 2: 15 kg to 25 kg

Group 3: 22 kg to 36 kg

Once you've checked for compliance, it's time to choose the type of car seat that's right for your child.

From the birth to the 10 kg, you have the choice between the basket for an extended position of the baby and the hull, also known as "maxi cozy", where the child is in a semi-sitting position. These two seats are placed back to the road and can be fixed in Isofix to the vehicle itself or by the seat belt. They also fit on a stroller to move the child without waking him up.

From 15 months, the child can sit facing the road with a harness or shield system. He will be able to use the adult seatbelt at the age of 6 with a booster seat with a backrest until he is 10 years old.

Many different types of seats are available with various options. For example, the evolving car seat combines several age groups and weights, into one product. The swivel car seat allows the child to be placed backwards or facing the road from the authorized age.

It is generally recommended to go through, at least, three steps: the baby seat, the child seat and the large seat.

Note: Following the 2004 standards, you will automatically find the Isofix anchor points on new vehicles to attach your car seat without having to use the seat belt. Isofix fasteners make installation easier thanks to the green warning light and the audible warning that the car seat is properly secured. They also enhance the level of safety by total stability in case of shock.