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Radio, music and entertainment on the go

Listening to radio broadcasts or music while driving is an evergreen pleasure that has never gone out of fashion. The radio mounted in the dashboard of the cars was one of the first options related to standard cars. Vintage devices allowed listening to AM / FM frequencies and tape cassettes during the journey. These devices have, in fact, marked the habits of entire generations. The guide listened to the hits of the moment, the songs of love and radio news of football matches on Sunday. It was a habit, in the eighties, to walk with the stereo under the arm, after having disassembled it from the car, to defend itself from thieves looking for the latest hi-tech discoveries.

Technological development has led to increasingly advanced car entertainment systems, which integrate different functions, read digital formats and can be managed through steering wheel controls or touch screen displays.

What to look for in a modern car entertainment system?

The car entertainment sector is constantly evolving. Current devices allow you to listen to music in the most common digital compression formats, such as MP3 or MP4. Sound quality and depth levels are usually very high, thanks also to the management of multi-channel amplification on several loudspeakers, which are responsible for the software inside the systems.

The choice options range from the single stereo that recalls, for lines and format, the radios of the past, up to devices with LCD touch screen that integrate radios, multimedia players, satellite navigation systems and monitors for any cameras installed on board.

The essential simplicity of the car stereo lives on in some devices that replicate the shape of old radios. The innovation, in these cases, is represented by the digital display, by any polychromatic LED lights and by the presence of a CD / MP3 player. To the stereo with functions that can be defined basic, are added the digital entertainment systems with large touch screen displays that, in addition to offering a perfect listening to radio and music, allow you to surf, connect to the internet and talk on the phone in speakerphone, through Bluetooth interface.

Thanks to the latest generation devices, the possibilities to have fun and communicate in the passenger compartment are almost endless. It is important, however, to make sure that you always use the entertainment systems safely while you are driving. Taking advantage of the steering wheel controls and the vocal functions, designed to allow the driver to stay focused on the road, it is easier to avoid dangerous distractions.

How to choose a car radio?

- Entertainment systems offer a wide range of features to suit every need. If you want a stereo that essentially serves to listen to music, an AM / FM tuner with CD, USB input and MP3 player may be the right choice. However, if you use satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, all-in-one entertainment systems will be evaluated

- Depending on the models and functions, stereo and entertainment system formats also change. Devices with multimedia touch screen LCD display are, on average, much larger than traditional car radios. The capacity of the housing available in the dashboard must therefore be evaluated and, if necessary, an adapter can be purchased for installation

- Before purchasing it is advisable to make sure that the device is able to reproduce the format of digital music that is used more frequently: the most advanced work with complex operating systems, upgradable and similar to those installed on smartphones and tablets, to offer maximum levels of compatibility with all audio and video formats