Car Sun Roller Blinds

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A sunblind for the car is mounted inside the rear windows. When driving, it protects against direct sunlight. The interior of the vehicle remains comfortably tempered without the air conditioning system having to cool down considerably. This is better for the health. The sun blind is simply attached to the window with suction feet. It can just as easily be removed. If the sunshade is not needed, it remains in the rolled up state at the top of the window. In the lower part of the lock for the open roller blind is also attached to a squeegee. The sunshade is particularly suitable for children and the elderly sitting in the rear of the vehicle.

Which sun blind is the right one for the car?

Sun blinds are universally suitable for most vehicles. They are mainly installed on the side rear windows and on the rear window. The mounting on the lateral front discs is only possible if the discs are not bent too much.

How to choose the right sun blind?

- What must be considered regarding the size of the sun blinds? When buying, you should make sure that the sunshade is adjusted in its width to the windows in the rear. The roller blinds are available in different widths for smaller and larger vehicles.

- Where can it be mounted? On the front side windows, this depends on the shape. If the panes are bent too much, mounting could be difficult and a solid model may be needed.