Car Sunshades

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The sun protection sheets allow you to isolate the inside of your car from the sun's rays and, thus, reduce the heat inside the vehicle, especially when it is exposed for long hours in the sun. In addition, these sun protection films also manage to prevent the colors of the vehicle's upholstery from deteriorating due to the heat. There are models that can be placed permanently as, for example, the sunshades for the rear windows, and models that have to be removed while driving, such as the protective sheets for the front window. We will find five main types of car sunshades:

• Protection for front windows

• Protection for rear windows

• Protection for side windows

• Steering wheel protection

How to install sun protection films for cars?

The sun protection films are placed inside the vehicle, next to the windows or windows. The clamping methods vary according to the model. For example, the front car hood is usually a piece that is removed and put, made of aluminum, and easy to store. On the other hand, the parasol parts for the side windows are usually installed by means of suction cups, placed directly on the glass.

Advantages of car sunshades

This accessory for your car, besides helping to reduce the temperature inside your vehicle, protects both the car's upholstery and the dashboard's plastics from the sun's rays. All the models are very easy both to put and remove and, in addition, just take up space in the vehicle when we do not have to use

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