Car Tachometers

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The tachometer of the car is a vital accessory since it allows you to constantly monitor the performance of the vehicle and detect any engine failures. It is installed directly in the car's panel near the odometer and indicates the opportune moment for the gear change, so as to avoid straining the engine. Some tachometers are equipped with a colored numerical bar on the dial, where red indicates the time when gear shifting is appropriate.

The types of tachometer for cars

The tachometer can be digital or analogue reading and take advantage of two different detection systems: the magnetic rev counter is connected to the transmission shaft by steel cables; the electric rev counter uses an electrical pulse detection of the engine revolutions.

Obviously, for every type of car it is possible to replace the original tachometer with the one that is identical to the one supplied, chosen according to brand or model. However, there are compatible tachometers that can replace the old one: for example, both digital and analog tachometers equipped with lights and a LED display or competition tachometer. Some tachometers do not require installation inside the panel but, once connected to the engine, they can be attached to the dashboard with supports and clamps.

Other types of tachometer are equipped with a laser detection system; they are practically tachometers in contact with a very wide use, because they measure the turns of any body in rotation. Just bring the tachometer closer to the object and the number of revolutions per second is detected through a laser system. They are used mostly in diagnostics to measure for example the revs on the transmission shaft or in modeling.