Car Vacuum Cleaners

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Keeping a car clean and in perfect condition can be an arduous task. Depending on the use that is given to the vehicle, the interior of the passenger compartment can accumulate dust and dirt that come from the soles of the shoes. Not to mention when doing some extraordinary activity, such as a field trip or a day at the beach. The mud and sand then roam freely between the mats and the carpet, and are difficult to remove. Therefore, the best way to keep tourism clean, without investing much effort, is to get a vacuum cleaner for the car. In ten minutes and with a single pass you can get results worthy of a professional car wash. In addition, they are efficient from the energy point of view, since a European regulation of 2014 so requires.

What should you keep in mind when buying a car vacuum cleaner?

When it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner for the car, one of the main elements that we must not lose sight of is the power of the device. If the tool is not strong enough, the work will be longer, tedious and ineffective. Models from 300 watts of power can do more than worthy work. Another factor to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner for the car is portability, that is, if it is wireless or needs to be plugged into the power to operate. Both variants have pros and cons. In the case of handhelds, the power is usually lower, but in its favor it plays the comfort of not having to continually be aware of the cable. In addition, distance limitation does not exist in wireless vacuum cleaners, which allow reaching the most difficult areas.

Tips for the maintenance of the car vacuum cleaner

As with other vacuum cleaners, models designed for vehicle cleaning need maintenance. Regularly cleaning the filters and the motor regularly, and periodically checking cables and connections, are basic measures that will ensure that the device lasts several years. If it is a hand-held model, it is advisable to always charge the complete battery, so you must have planned when you are going to clean the car to leave the vacuum cleaner ready. As is logical, in the case of a jam, the utensil must be opened and the filters inspected, since the most normal thing is that something is obstructing the exit of dirt. In no case should be hit to try to solve the problem, as that will only generate additional problems.

Types of vacuum cleaners

In addition to the aforementioned classification of hand and current vacuum cleaners, these tools can be divided between those that require a bag and those that do not. Depending on the purpose required for the vacuum cleaner (car, office or home), choose the model that best suits your needs:

• Vacuum cleaners with bag: Retain dust more effectively, so they are perfect for people with allergies to mites. In addition, as to clean them it is only necessary to change the bag, the contact with the dirt is reduced to a minimum.

• Bagless vacuum cleaners: Its main advantage is that the owner will never be faced with the problem of not being able to use the appliance due to the lack of a spare bag. In general, these models tend to be more compact and take up less space. The filters are easily washed with water, although there are specific products to optimize care.