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Car video: high technology at the service of your travels

To make your car trips safer and more enjoyable for passengers and children, it's possible to equip your car with cameras and video players. Cameras can be placed on the dashboard or rearview mirror to facilitate parking. The headrest screens, meanwhile, are attached to the back of the front seats. Passengers can watch a movie or photos taken during the holidays and do not see the time passing on the road.

What are the features of a car video camera?

The car cameras are installed on the dashboard of your vehicle. They have many features. Depending on the model, they film what's happening on the road in front of you and behind your car. They serve as black boxes to determine what happens in a collision and establish causes and responsibilities. They are also equipped with full HD sensors, a parking assistant with shock and movement sensors that can work both day and night.

How to choose a headrest video player?

- Bet on a screen size large enough not to tire the sight of your passengers.

- Opt for a model mounted on a rotating support to avoid glare.

- Select a screen compatible with popular video, audio and photo encoding formats.