Car Window Cleaning

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Clean and streak-free windows are extremely important in road traffic. Here, both the manual cleaning and the right means for the windscreen washer system is crucial.

Are you looking for disc seals?

With the so-called lotus effect, window seals should enable a clear view even in the rain. The water bubbles off and does not obscure the view even with heavy rainfall. In some cases, companies even advertise that the use of their windscreen wipers is completely unnecessary. However, the windscreen can be damaged if the desired effect does not occur. Turning on the windshield wipers on a sealed surface will rub over the glass, limiting the visibility. So if you want to rely on a disc seal, which should make sure that he uses a high quality product.

Special cleaning for convertible rear windows

After some time, the surface of the rear window of your convertible can sometimes turn milky. In addition to the optics, you should fix this as quickly as possible for safety and wear reasons. Especially for this problem, there are rear window cleaner. This removes the dull areas and also fixes minor scratches in the glass or plastic. Furthermore, it has a peeling effect, which is not as strong as with disc seals.

The right cleaner for the windscreen washer system

In addition to manual cleaning, the right means for the windscreen washer system is important. These are operated almost daily to quickly clear the front and rear windows of superficial protection. In winter, the use of antifreeze is also recommended; However, for spring and summer, this should no longer be in the system, as otherwise can quickly form stripes. In any case, it is advisable to regularly check the windscreen wiper system and top up the cleaning agents, if necessary. A line indicator shows you the maximum fill level, so you can easily see if and when it's time to refill.