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The carburetor is the main element that prepares and controls the mixture of air and fuel to be introduced into the engine. It was invented in Italy by Luigi de Cristoforis in 1876; in 1882 Enrico Bernardi instead developed a carburetor for the first petrol-powered petrol engine.

To replace the old carburetor or complete repairs and inventions, a wide range of motorcycle carburetors is available to choose from, suitable for all models and needs.

How a motorcycle carburetor works

The carburettor is composed of a main duct that connects the inside of the thermal unit with the outside through a valve, which has the function of controlling the flow of air and petrol; in motorcycles, this is usually a gate and is equipped with a conical pin.

The driver regulates the inflow of air and gasoline to be introduced into the engine using the accelerator; when accelerating, the valve opens and increases the flow of air. The flow of petrol depends on a fall system controlled by a float chamber.

How to clean a motorcycle carburetor

For petrol to flow freely and without air gaps, it is important to clean the carburetor correctly and periodically.

For a superficial cleaning it will be sufficient to use a compressed air gun and remove the major dirt. For a more thorough cleaning it will instead be necessary to remove the carburettor, disconnecting the petrol pipe and extracting the air filter and the gas wire.

In addition to the compressed air it is advisable to clean all the components using gasoline, which will degrease even the biggest dirt. Once the carburettor is open, the tank and the float will be cleaned, paying attention to the valve. The lower part of the carburetor consists of a membrane and a spring; it is important to clean these components too.

Once the carburettor is reassembled, it is good to re-check that all the screws have been carefully fixed.

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