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Few decorative elements are capable of bringing what carpets to any home. And it is that these, when placed at the entrance of the house, in the living room or in any bedroom, are responsible for putting a striking, original and transgressive color brushstroke to the room. But, in addition, they are also very functional. In fact, for example, thanks to them children can play on the floor without noticing the cold of the tiles.

Why buy a carpet?

The answer is clear. A carpet combines versatility, design and functionality. On the one hand, these pieces, accompanied by matching textile elements, are responsible for giving vitality and elegance to any room in the home, especially if they are made of strong colors, such as red carpets. On the other, they are easy to clean and prevent direct contact with the ground, which is very appreciated in winter. In short, carpets offer you the possibility of giving a different touch to your home in an easy and original way.

How to choose a carpet?

• Check the measurements: In case you can not choose the exact measurement you need, make sure it has the right dimensions to fit in the space in which you want to place it.

• Verify that it can be easily cleaned: It is always best to clean it yourself at home so that you have to take it to a specialized laundry.

• Certifies that it adheres well to the floor: There are models that are better fixed to tile floors and others to wood floors.

• Make sure you know the exact key: this will cost you less to find matching textile elements.