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When traveling by plane, apart from destination and accommodation, one of the main concerns of users is luggage. Are you one of those who bill to avoid unexpected or usually opt for the practical cabin suitcase? One of the most important reasons for not checking luggage is the additional charge that is added to the bill, so most passengers end up choosing the suitcase.

You should bear in mind that the weight and measurements of carry-on luggage vary depending on the airline you choose. The International Air Transport Association, also known by the acronym IATA, recommended standard measurements of 55 centimeters high, 35 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters deep. However, each airline has its own rules and even many of them accept extra packages.

Cabin suitcases for all tastes

Whatever your style, there is a suitcase designed especially for you and your needs. In the market you can find many brands, materials, colors and patterns, closures and different finishes that suit your needs. And even for the little ones, you have available handbags for children with children's themes and with fun shapes of animals. In this way, if the little ones have a suitcase for a children's cabin they will take care of their belongings and you can even take advantage of all their space to introduce all the clothes and belongings of your children.

What do I need to know when preparing my carry-on baggage?

Here are infallible tricks on how to save space in your cabin bag:

• Organize yourself: Make a list and write down on paper or digital everything you need to enjoy your trip. This way you will avoid introducing unnecessary garments into your hand luggage.

• Simplify: Think about the days you will be traveling and on the label of each occasion. Try to choose combinable clothes and avoid introducing clothes in your cabin suitcase that you will not use later.

• Order: The order of the garments alters the final result of a suitcase. Place the least wrinkled and heaviest garments on the bottom. Take advantage of the inside of the footwear - boots, boots, sneakers and shoes - to put inside your clothes such as socks, stockings or gloves.

• Roll up: It is recommended to button the buttons and close the zippers of all your clothes. Roll the garments, in this way you will take advantage of all the holes in your cabin bag.

• Be smart: Leave some space for purchases made at the destination. With this little trick, you will avoid surprises on your return trip.

What hand luggage can I take on the plane?

Before boarding an airplane, you should check with your airline the number of packages you can carry, as well as the weight and the permitted sizes of the suitcases. However, passengers may not enter items that may become a danger to the health of passengers and crew, as well as to the aircraft itself, in security zones or aircraft cabins.

Firearms and weapons in general, sharp-edged or sharp-edged objects, explosive, chemical or toxic substances, as well as liquids, aerosols and gels, are strictly prohibited; the latter are limited in quantity by security controls in the European Union.

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