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Protect your floor with floor protectors

If you have already noticed traces on your floor after using your office chair, consider buying a floor mat.

Why buy a floor mat?

This accessory makes it possible to protect all types of floor (tiles, parquet, vinyl floor, etc.) from the wheel contact of the office chair and slows wear. It fits any office chair.

This support is resistant and is generally non-slip, which provides optimum safety when sitting on the chair.

Ideal for people who live in apartment, it not only protects the floor but also dampens the noise. He therefore offers the possibility of using his office chair, late at night, without disturbing his neighbors.

The floor protector is available in many colors, which you can coordinate with the floor of your home or your home.

Multifunctional, it is not only reserved for office chairs but can also be fixed under the fitness equipment. It allows you to play sports at home while decreasing the vibrations and noise of the device during use.

How to choose a floor protector?

Before considering the purchase of a ground cover, consider the size and nature of the soil to be protected. After determining the space used by the chair, select a manufacturer that offers several sizes to choose a size that fits your needs.

There are different types of floor protectors that adapt to different types of floors:

• It is advisable to buy a floor mat without plasticizers and PVC, if the floor of your house is hard (parquet, tiles or laminate floors). They are generally very resistant and have a long life.

• Polypropylene floor protectors have the advantage of being strong, durable and tear-resistant, as well as being odorless and free of chemicals.

• If you have different types of floors or have underfloor heating, a polycarbonate protection will suit you perfectly. Suitable for hard floors but also for heated floors, the polycarbonate floor protector easily attaches to the carpet thanks to the anchor pins. • Eco-friendly, vinyl is used on both floor mats and fitness mats.