Chair Pads

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Sitting in a seat can be painful, especially if you have a fragile back. The chair cushions will give you a comfortable seat, while adding a personal touch to your interior design.

What chair cushion to relieve his back?

The indoor chair cushions are primarily intended to improve the comfort of your seats. Kitchen, dining or office chairs are often made of wood, plastic or straw without soft padding, while sitting for hours at a time without moving. It is therefore common to affix cushions to make the seat more pleasant. Some chair cushions are even specially designed to prevent back pain. So-called orthopedic models promote good posture by relieving coccyx, sciatica and correcting lumbar alignment. This type of memory foam cushion is easily transported to land on any type of seat.

How to choose your chair cushions?

- For cushions of kitchen or dining room chairs, put on dark colors that will be less messy. These accessories are rarely washable or removable.

- Choose a shape and dimensions adapted to your seats.

- Give preference to thick, padded cushions with tie-down links that will keep them in place on your chairs.