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Champagne is a wine with a controlled designation of origin and its bubbles are synonymous with toasts and celebrations all over the world. It can not miss on special occasions, during feasts and when we meet with friends and relatives; it is the sparkling wine par excellence in a romantic dinner or in the celebrations of an important anniversary. It is also part of ancient traditions such as the rite of launching boats, where the bottle of champagne splattered on the bow of the ship is a symbol of good luck.

The origins of champagne

Our wine is an ancient and precious wine of French production. Champagne has been accompanying our table for centuries. It takes its name from the region of France, where this delicious sparkling wine was produced in the seventeenth century: it was, in fact, an abbot of the Benedictine monks who invented champagne by chance, while selecting and mixing some white wines.

The particularity of this sparkling wine is the double fermentation production method, called "champenoise" or classic method and the vines used for its production are for 99.7% the pinot nero, the pinot "meunier" and the white chardonnay. In winter, after the first fermentation, you have the "cuvée": in other words, the grapes from different vines of the production area are mixed to create particular qualities. In the spring the second fermentation takes place.

Characteristics and categories of champagne

Champagne is a brut wine (which means dry) produced by the assembly of grapes of different types, with the exception of the vintage one, produced, instead, with grapes of a single harvest. The main varieties of champagne are distinguished by color, grapes and dosage, intended as the amount of residual sugar present. The champagne can be divided into different categories:

• Blanc de Blancs: exclusively produced with white grapes (chardonnay)

• Blanc de Noirs: produced with Pinot nero and meunier grapes

• Rosé: takes on the rosé color through the mixing of white and red wine, or with the contact with red grape skins during a short maceration

• Millesimato: produced with grapes of only one vintage

• Cuvée de prestige: assembled with the finest grapes of a vintage.

Before buying a bottle of champagne it is useful to know that depending on the sugar dosage, you will have different varieties such as nature, extra brut, brut, demi-sec, sec and doux; and more or less sparkling champagne depending on the yeasts present.

How to choose champagne

Champagne is a very versatile wine, excellent on its own, as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to meats and cold cuts: not only for special occasions, but also for dining with taste. It is also the longest-selling wine in the world and therefore, once purchased a bottle, you can keep it in your cellar as you wish, in addition to other wines from our collection.

The choice of champagne to buy will depend on our personal taste and the occasion for which we buy it: the classic brut, with 15 grams of sugar per liter and dry taste, is ideal for an aperitif or at the beginning of a meal. On the other hand, it is not indicated with desserts, to which you can, however, accompany a sec, with ice cream, or a demi sec, ideal at the end of the meal and with sweet pastries.

In general, champagne makes it better in the classic three-quarter (75cl) and Magnum (150cl) bottles, where the relationship between wine and bottle volumes is optimal. If you want to impress everyone at a birthday or bring a gift to a graduation party, a Magnum bottle is a great choice. Many production companies sell special packs, including gifts, which include a pair of flute glasses, elongated and suitable to sip this sparkling wine.

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