Charcoal Barbecues

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The exciting world of coal barbecues

Coal barbecues have gained enormous popularity in recent years, largely due to the growing interest in the culinary arts. The preparation of grilled succulent in charcoal barbecues is considered today a noble gastronomic discipline.

What to cook in charcoal barbecues?

As a cooking technique, the use of charcoal embers is as old as man's, but it still has millions of fans because of the taste and texture it provides to food. Meat is the most common protagonist of grills, but fish and seafood also have their place, which gain in flavor and charm cooked in charcoal barbecues. Vegetables, such as onions, zucchini or peppers, are increasingly fashionable and also delicious on the grill.

How to choose between different charcoal barbecues?

- Size is fundamental. It is not the same to invite half a neighborhood to delight you with your culinary skills than to give you an intimate dinner as a couple in the heat of the embers.

- The shape is also very important, both for aesthetics and functionality. Open charcoal barbecues are the most traditional, but those with a lid allow you to cook thick pieces over low heat and smoke, if you have aromatic woods. The round ones, in turn, can be used for the preparation of delicious paellas and rice dishes.

- Also take into account the equipment you have available in the space in which you intend to use it. Charcoal barbecues with legs are planted anywhere, and those that include trays will be very practical if you do not have a table or counter at hand.