Children's Bedside Lamps

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Is your child afraid of the dark and having nightmares? You want to find the ideal lamp, to finish the decoration of your child's room? Buy him a specially designed bedside lamp designed for children, so that he can turn it off and on easily and he is no longer afraid of the dark. You will find many options of bedside lamps in this shop.

How to choose a bedside lamp for children?

There are several types of bedside lamps created especially for children.

• Traditional bedside lamps: with a bulb and shade, they plug into an electrical outlet and have a switch to turn it on and off. There are nomad variants that run on battery power and can be moved anywhere without power cables that interfere.

• Nightlights: they are plugged directly into the power outlet and stay on all night with a dim light, not aggressive. They are often in the shape of familiar characters, such as a cub or a cartoon character, to reassure your child if he wakes up during the night. Some variants offer LED night lights with light that changes color to calm children or babies.

• Projection lamps: generally ball-shaped, they project images on the walls and ceiling of your child's room, images that calm, whether stars or small clouds. Some variants offer mobile options with rotating images and a small lullaby to lull the baby to sleep.

Many bedside lamps have cartoon character patterns so choose your child's favorite character!