Children's Ceiling Lights

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The child needs a warm, soft and soothing lighting to make his room a real living space where he can sleep in peace, draw, color or do his homework.

The different types of ceiling lights for children

• Timeless, ceiling lamps come in different colors, materials and themes (stars, moons, balloon ...). Some are even rotating, when the light comes on the lamp starts to turn and brings a real soft and warm atmosphere in the room.

• This section also includes shades. Usually made of fabric or paper, they help to reduce the light of a lamp. The paper models project various shapes and are true decorative elements.

• LED lamps are also very popular. There are some that are specifically designed for children and that save money on the electricity bill. They are usually very easy to install.

How to choose a ceiling lights for children

Choose a theme that will please your child. There are ceiling lamps dedicated to many themes whether for boys (police, football ...), for girls (bird motifs, little hearts ...) or for babies.

Security is a very important criterion. Make sure the electrical system meets the standards and that the bulb is protected. For lampshades, it is advisable to avoid placing a cloth on it, because it could ignite on contact with heat.