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An enchanted refuge where they study, play and dream, even with their eyes open: the room for children and young people must reflect their personality, even in lighting accessories. Then, decorate it with chandeliers for bedrooms that, in addition to being functional and safe, make the environment even more magical. And it will not be necessary for them to resume the form of an airplane or a butterfly: in any case, watching them, your children will fly with the imagination.

The best chandeliers for classic or modern bedrooms

Furnishing with lights is easy and fun and can lead to truly impressive results. To do it better, however, you will have to choose suspension lamps that respect the style of the rooms. Thus, in a classic bedroom you will be able to place a crystal chandelier with elegant pendants or, alternatively, a finely worked wrought iron product. In a modern room, on the other hand, both minimal models, such as round or square ceiling lights to hang from the ceiling, and elaborate and original ones, perhaps inspired by cartoons or the world of two wheels, will look great. In any case, if you need to furnish a room with very small children, avoid glass in favor of plastic materials such as methacrylate and plexiglass. Thus, they will be able to play safely, without fear of breaking their favorite chandelier.

How to choose the chandelier for the bedroom

- Check that the product has the appropriate CE or 3C certifications

- It supports the tastes of the recipients, opting for example for chandeliers in the shape of a balloon for sportsmen and for those with princesses for romantic girls

- Consider that the type and number of bulbs can influence consumption

- To promote relaxation, choose hi-tech chandeliers, designed for chromotherapy and to listen to music

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