Children's Duvet Covers

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The bedroom is the kingdom of your children, an almost magical refuge where they study, play and dream, even with open eyes. Customize it with a linen that reflects their passions: choosing a wildlife-themed quilt bag for animal lovers, a set of football teams for diehard fans and a Disney duvet cover for little daredevils, who love to travel with fantasy.

How to put the duvet cover

A Disney duvet cover, cartoon or comics immediately brings joy to any bedroom. But how can you put it quickly and easily? The first technique is to spread it on the bed, with the open side facing you, and then grab the duvet from the upper corners and insert it into the storage bag, matching the ends of both. The second is to turn the cover over to position the duvet on top. Introduce your arms in the opening to grip the edges of both components of the set: turning it all up and voila, you're done.

How to choose the duvet covers for the bedroom

- Especially if you will use it without or instead of the sheet, choose a model in pure cotton, suitable for the sensitive skin of children;

- if you love to vary, focus on double-face prints;

- check carefully the sizes of the pillowcases and the duvet cover and if it is suitable for single beds, single and half beds or double beds;

- carefully select the fantasies: those related to sports or superheroes are great for boys, while a Disney princess duvet cover is suitable for sweet and romantic girls;

- to save money, choose double packs.