Children's Rollerskates

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Rollers suitable for beginner or expert children

The roller for children has the wind in stern. Direct competitor of the bike or the scinette, he seduces children like any other outdoor activity. Before mastering the balance, the youngest begin with skates with four four wheels and then move gradually to rollers inline as the big.

With which rollers do children have to start?

When your child starts on rollerblades, you have to choose skates adapted to his possibilities. Thus, a 3-year-old will start with four-wheeled skates. Do not forget to put on adequate protections, to secure the wrists, knees and head. If your child is at least 6 years old, it depends on their balance. If he is already accustomed to gaining speed with a bike without small wheels or if he tames his scooter wonderfully, you can offer him inline skates. Otherwise, start with four-wheelers, often more reassuring.

How to choose rollerblades for children?

- For smaller and bigger beginners, start with four-wheel skates and a brake on the front.

- If your child is a little scared, put on rollers with the image of his favorite hero.

- For older children, opt for rollers for children inline.

- At any age, do not forget the essential safety accessories for roller skating. Protection kits include knee pads, elbow pads and an adjustable helmet.