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Was your last party a disaster? Her friends were squeezed together on the couch while her mother complained that her feet hurt from standing up. And, of course, was not there a seat in sight for her luck? In order to avoid this scenario in the future and no one has to argue for a seat, just lay down a few stools for the next party. Stools are like a woman's handbag, a practical accessory that should not be missing in any household today.

What do you call a stool?

A stool belongs to the category of seating furniture. The stool, or stool, is practically a chair without arm and backrest, which distinguishes it from other seating furniture. Originally the stool was more like a footstool, where the name Schemel, from the Latin "Bank", comes from. Today the stool exists in all possible variants. The stool is sometimes round, sometimes angular, sometimes with three, four or even five legs. The decisive feature of a stool, however, remains the missing arm and backrest.

Where are stools used in the household?

As a piece of furniture, the stool has much to offer, because it can be used in every room or area. Most often you will find the stool in the kitchen. There he is used to get to high cabinets or objects that are otherwise difficult to reach without help. That's why they are also in demand in the bathroom. Children use them to climb up to get to the sink and their toothbrush without the help of mom or dad. But also as a storage for clothes

or just as a decorative object, the stool in the living room or bedroom is well suited. Of course, the stool can also be used as a seat for parties and family celebrations, so that no one has to complain about tired legs. Meanwhile, there are also functional plank stools, which not only provide seating, but also storage space for shoes and other family utensils.

There are endless benefits of a stool. No matter what type of stool you choose, a stool is a functional addition to any room. As a decoration for the living room, storage for the bedroom or kitchen help, he is especially practical. Due to the design stools are also very light and handy, which makes them very easy to carry. Those who still have little space at home can now also stack stools, nest them, as is the case with scissor stools, or simply push them under the table. Thus, they provide a space-saving solution, but provide enough seating, if required. One of the decisive advantages for many stools is the price. As a piece of furniture, the stool is probably one of the cheap seating. Depending on the design and material, there are already stools available from a few euros.

What materials are used to make stools?

Stools are not only available in all shapes and sizes, but are also made of different materials. Simple plastic models are well used at parties, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But even in the nursery, the plastic stool is a popular accessory. If the stool is more than just an occasional piece of furniture and is used daily for seating, there are stools with a faux fur cover or a pillow.

High quality stools are often made of wood, bamboo or rattan. For a little more money, they get stools made of fine acacia wood, wild beech or even from a recycled solid wood. There are no limits to the taste and budget of future stool owners.