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Original and functional children's tables

In the Middle Ages, tables were set and covered with tablecloths embroidered at banquets to receive guests around grandiose dishes. Nowadays, this central object of the house has become a furniture for everyday use, an element of household furniture that comes in many forms. Models have been designed and designed specifically for children.

What are the different types of children's tables?

The use of children's tables can be varied. There is the so-called learning table, dedicated to young children. His particuliarity ? It presents bricks to fit in order to develop the logic and sense of the game. Models with integrated elements, such as a blackboard, storage for pencils, a small lamp and / or an erasable slate to draw, allow to leave free to the imagination and creativity of the youngest. They will be able to express themselves in a safe way. Indeed, most of these pieces of furniture are specially adapted to small. They include rounded ends to avoid any risk of injury and the materials used meet specific safety standards. The child table has well defined characteristics, its dimensions adapting to the morphology of toddlers. For its part, the child coffee table offers multiple features and is ideal for outdoor and indoor games. With round versions, kids can get together to play together and share fun times.

How to choose the ideal child table?

- Depending on the space you have, choose a table that will best fit your child's room. For a small space, bet on the multifunctional models. Composed of a small chair and a large chair that is easily transformed into a table, this 3-in-1 furniture allows little ones to have fun and do their homework with complete peace of mind. Note that this type of furniture, which requires little space, is perfect for grandparents who wish to have furniture at home for their grandchildren they receive occasionally.

- Choose a round or square shape from medium to large format, made with solid materials. The robustness of the table ensures safety and resistance over time. In light wood such as beech or metal, it can be embellished with pretty patterns reminiscent of the favorite cartoons of the youngest or adorn themselves with bright colors, such as purple or blue. And why not choose multicolored to invite your children to creativity?

- Choose a plastic model if you plan to use the outdoor child's table. Furniture for this purpose is available so that the little ones have the opportunity to sit in the garden. Ideal for creating or sharing convivial moments surrounded by parents, this type of plastic model also allows children to enjoy an outdoor snack with their friends. Foldable, it is easily movable, cleans just as easily, and its use is multiple. It can also be placed in a room.