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The tradition of decorating with Christmas lights during these special dates began in the 18th century in the houses of the high society of Germany, since then candles were used to illuminate the Christmas tree. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the custom of placing electric Christmas lights on Christmas trees was extended and, later, the Christmas illumination was separated from the trees. Then they won facades, windows and interiors, and today thousands of lamps and LED candles flood with light, color and Christmas spirit every corner of your home, shops and public spaces in the city.

How to put Christmas lights outside?

Placing Christmas lights on the outside of your home is synonymous with sharing the joy of Christmas with your neighbors and everyone who passes by on the street where you live. The first thing you should do is consider the style of the house and draw your project, to establish your design and know what amount of Christmas lights you should buy. Avoid covering the entire façade with Christmas lights; better place them in strategic places such as balconies, windows, railings, columns and trees. Before starting, get yourself a solid and resistant ladder with the right tools. If you do not have help, a basket will be your assistant to move efficiently. You will see that it will be great.

How to choose Christmas lights?

- Keep in mind that LED lights consume little energy and give you a bright and striking light.

- If your house is rustic, opt for white and yellow lights, with some small detail decorated in the emblematic red and green.

- A minimalist house will accept hoses with white lights and a slight touch of red Christmas lights.

- If there are children in the house, let your imagination fly and decorate next to them, using multicolored Christmas lights.