Cockpit Care

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If you travel a lot by car, you will of course also have a meal at the wheel. This contamination is inevitable. Especially the cockpit is very much affected. But not only crumbs and other food remains, but also dust, oil, grease, liquids, smoke deposits or traces of pens pollute the surface. So the cockpit has to be cleaned and cared for at certain intervals, not only for hygienic reasons, but also to preserve the value of the vehicle. Special cockpit cleaners can be used for this, although they differ from each other in their composition, yet they all fulfill the desired purpose.

How do you optimally clean the cockpit?

Especially when heavily soiled, the use of a plastic cleaner is indispensable. The surface is sprayed with a special cleaner for plastic and wiped with a microfibre cloth. If the contamination can not be completely removed, you can help with a softer brush. You should make sure that the plastic cleaner does not stick to the surface of the glass, as otherwise there is a great security risk due to mirroring effects.

How to choose a suitable tool for cockpit care?

- For care and cleaning, agents can be used that bring a natural glow and a new appearance for the cockpit.

- Many care products for the cockpit also provide an antistatic effect, which is able to prevent renewed pollution - especially by dust - over a longer period.

- A care product should at best also provide protection against UV radiation and fading.