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Coffee machines: enjoy coffee specialties at home

Latte macchiato, cappuccino and café au lait: These coffees offer a great change from regular filter coffee. Is not it a pity if you can only enjoy it on the go in cafes and coffee shops? Would not it be nice to be able to prepare a delicious latte at home? With a coffee machine that's no problem at all. Although the devices are not as cheap as a conventional coffee machine, but if you consider what latte, cappuccino and Co. cost outside, the cost of a coffee machine after a short time have paid off. Anyone who prepares specialty coffees can also take care of their own needs: The use of decaffeinated coffee, lactose-free milk or vegetable milk is no problem in your own coffee bar!

Small coffee customer

Anyone who believes that all coffees are just coffee with milk, on the one hand, is not entirely wrong, but on the other hand, it is a great mistake. Coffee with milk are strictly latte and Café au Lait - both means the same, once in German and once in French. Latte macchiato and cappuccino, on the other hand, are not prepared with coffee, but with espresso. And espresso is by no means just a smaller coffee, because the beans are roasted darker and give a stronger flavor. Automatic coffee machines do not make regular coffee from filter coffee to café crema. You get filter coffee when you pour hot water over coffee powder in a filter, Café Crema is brewed under pressure, which creates a fine coffee foam on the surface of the coffee.

Depending on which coffees you would like to prepare, the coffeemaker must be equipped differently. If you drink both coffee and espresso, two separate powder or bean containers are required: one for coffee beans, one for espresso beans. Machines that have only one bean container brew all drinks with the same beans. This is not a problem, but you should pay particular attention to the quality of the beans. They should be strong enough roasted to brew a strong espresso. The coffee maker uses the same beans for coffee and espresso, but uses less water and possibly more powder for the latter. Incidentally, both quantities can be regulated on most fully automatic machines, depending on personal taste.

Coffee machines with milk frother

To conjure milk and delicious milk foam in the cup, there are two different techniques, each with advantages and disadvantages. The more complex variant is a milk container or a tube that is inserted into a milk carton. Here, the coffee machine attracts the required milk, it is heated in the device and foamed and ends up in the cup. This is particularly easy and straightforward, but you should pay attention to two things with these coffee machines: First, the milk must be cooled. Some machines have a cooling function, others have a mini fridge as an accessory. Since the cooling requires electricity, these machines are only worthwhile for frequent drinkers. The other way to froth milk is a steam nozzle. Here milk is placed in a container and frothed by hand at the touch of a button. This is technically less expensive, but requires some practice and tact. Incidentally, lactose-free milk and plant-based alternatives are as good as normal milk!

Clean coffee machines

Modern coffee machines have cleaning programs and especially with milk, you should take the cleaning seriously, because here quickly bacteria accumulate. Clean existing milk hoses regularly and also clean steam nozzles briefly after each use. For once the milk has dried, it is difficult to remove. All other parts of the coffee machine are hygienically cleaned by the programs, making sure to use a cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer for the machine. With a coffee machine in your own kitchen, you can look forward to delicious coffee specialties every day - in our shop you will find high-quality fully automatic coffee machines for every taste.