Coffee Tables

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In the splendor of Victorian England, tables and tables were considered so sensual furniture elements that the legs, like the legs of women, had to be kept covered.

Far from Victorian modesty, the tables, due to their elegance and comfort, continue to be an essential piece of furniture for rooms and living rooms.

How to choose a coffee table

There are tables of any size and shape, suitable for various rooms in the home or office, with triangular, round, square shelves and also in any type of material such as metal, glass, wood and plastic.

Small and slender coffee tables are ideal to be positioned in the corners and accommodate vases and knick-knacks.

Tea or coffee tables on the other hand require more space because they can accommodate the tea service and allow one or two people to sit around it; and are available in different heights to be used with any kind of sofa or chair.

The low tables for the living room are very comfortable if placed near sofas and armchairs, because they provide a support base when sitting. There are also low tables characterized by several shelves and often equipped with wheels, designed to position televisions, players, DVDs and consoles. Some models are designed to house the computer, so they have holes for cables and drawers to store wires and accessories, in some cases they are instead designed with an adjustable height that allows you to comfortably use the PC sitting on any type of chair. A very convenient model are the portable tables that look like breakfast trays and are useful for using the laptop by lying down, on the bed or on the sofa.

Modular sets, for example, in the form of a cube that are inserted one inside the other are also commercially available and can be broken down into tables of different sizes if necessary.