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We are so accustomed to finding keyboards integrated into our electronic devices, that we often forget the great advantages that the use of a conventional keyboard can bring us. There is a great variety of keyboards that we can incorporate into our day to day, to make our work and social life much more comfortable.

What is a keyboard?

A computer is composed of two distinct parts: hardware and software. All the physical elements (cables, plates, electronic circuits) make up the hardware, and the rest of the intangible elements (data and information) constitute the software. The keyboard is an essential piece of hardware that allows us to enter text on our computer. It acts as a peripheral input device, using keys and buttons that act as a lever to transmit information to our team.

The first keyboards were inspired by traditional typewriters, but it was not until the eighties when the first keyboard was designed similar to the one we know today.

To simplify its use, the keyboards are divided into four blocks: an alphanumeric block, a numerical block, a row of function keys and, finally, a block of function and editing keys.

What types of keyboard are there?

In the same way that computers have evolved, keyboards have been changing their essential features to offer more comfort and greater utility to its users. Currently we can find ergonomic, on screen, projection and even flexible keyboards that adapt to every occasion and consumer need:

• Ergonomic keyboards are an evolved version of the classic keyboard with straight and firm lines. They have been redesigned with softer shapes and adapted to the mobility of the arms so that they can rest more comfortably during long days of work. These keyboards have advanced to such a point that the distribution of their keys can be customized to meet the tastes of each user.

• Among the less conventional keyboards, but more effective, are the flexible keyboards. This variant is made of silicone or soft plastic and can adapt to any regular or irregular surface, and even bend on themselves. This type of keyboard is ideal for any environment in which liquids are frequently handled, since the vast majority are also waterproof. In addition, they are ideal for those who need to carry the keyboard with them from one place to another.

• The vast majority of smartphones and tablets have the built-in keyboard on the device's screen, although some offer the possibility of connecting external keyboards to make their use more pleasant and practical. Its operation is very simple since, in general, they are linked to the device through a bluetooth connection.

What keyboard do I buy?

The most discussed issue when buying a new keyboard is usually the decision to buy it with or without cable:

• The keyboard with cable is the most popular today, since it provides a certain security in its operation through a USB port, which is compatible with almost all types of computers. This class of keyboards can still be found with DIN or PS / 2 connectors, but they are less and less used and their commercialization is much less frequent.

• The wireless keyboards are a great alternative for all those consumers who want to have no cables in between and have a device enabled with a bluetooth or radio frequency connection. Despite their comfort and amplitude of movement, these keyboards need energy and, therefore, consume external batteries.

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