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The computer mouse is an essential factor in the digital experience. Whether you are scrolling through your Facebook news feed, browsing Google or clicking your way to the top spot in the online game. Mice are available in different versions for both Mac and PC users. The classic mouse is equipped with a cable of up to 2 meters in length. Such devices are ideal for people who have a desktop computer and do not mind another cable.

If you own a laptop or want to be in control of your computer from a few yards away, consider using an RF or Bluetooth mouse. An RF mouse connects to the computer via radio frequencies and a USB chip. This eliminates the need for a cable, but also occupies a USB port on the computer. A Bluetooth mouse connects to the Bluetooth interface in the PC or Mac. Some mice offer both Bluetooth and RF connections. Both types of wireless mice use batteries, but some have USB charging cables to charge the batteries.

There are several types of mice, the most common being a mouse for use on a desktop computer, laptop or notebook. The usual features are buttons for left and right click and a scroll wheel. Some also have a thumbnail button on the side of the computer mouse for quickly turning a website up and down. Travel mice are small and fit easily into the compartments of laptop bags or backpacks. Designed for short-term use, this computer mouse rarely fits comfortably in your hand, but takes less space on the go than a traditional mouse.

Mice for gamers

Gaming mice have some of the features of desktop mice, but they also offer additional features such as soft-clicking buttons, USB ports, and laser sensors. Some have adjustable backlighting and adjustable weights to create the optimal center of gravity for you. Cable, RF and Bluetooth mouse options are also available on gaming mice. Many serious players prefer mice with cable because of the faster response times.

The right mouse for your hand

Many mice have a diamond or hump shape that works with both left and right-handed users. Other computer mouse variants have more specific shapes that better adapt to your hand. These ergonomic designs put your hand in a neutral position while you click and scroll. This reduces the strain on the hand and can help you avoid common problems such as overuse or carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to left- and right-handed designs, different sizes are available for larger and smaller hands.

Technian features and additional features

Dots Per Inch (DPI) is a measure of the computer mouse's sensitivity and how much you need to move the mouse. For everyday tasks, a DPI of at least 1000 is sufficient. Depending on the style of play, you may need a mouse with a higher DPI for graphic design and gaming.

Many mice offer special elements such as structured handles. A Bluetooth wireless mouse may also have lights that tell you when the batteries go flat and a power-off feature that turns off the mouse after a certain period of inactivity. Most cordless options also have a power button. Some models are also equipped with software that allows you to re-assign keys. If you have more than one computer, you might also like a computer mouse that you can easily switch between different devices.

Note that some mice work with Apple Macs and others with PCs. If you own both types of computers, consider using a wired or Bluetooth mouse that is compatible with both. View in this collection the gaming, travel or desktop mouse with the features and features you need.