Cot Bedding

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The cradles are essential for your baby to rest peacefully every night. This is mainly due to the fact that it has been made from very soft and pleasant fabrics that also transpire perfectly. To this we must add, in addition, that they present some designs with really fun and endearing children's motives. Without a doubt, an essential complement for both you and your little one.

What crib bedding does a baby need?

There are several items of crib that a baby needs. First, we must talk about the mattress, which must fit perfectly to the measurements of the crib. Also, the sheet set is also essential. In this sense, it is best to have a mattress pad, a bottom sheet and another top. Finally, do not forget a blanket that protects you from the cold at night or whenever you need it.

How to choose crib bedding?

- The sheets must be tailored to the mattress. This is especially advisable in the case of the bottom to get a perfect fit.

- Opt for breathable fabrics. This will make the baby feel cooler and more comfortable at any time of the year. Materials such as cotton ensure, in addition, the softness that the child needs.

- Do not forget that it has to be easy to wash. It is normal for children, when lying down, to vomit or drool. Therefore, choosing resistant cradle bedding that withstand machine washing well is essential.

- Always bet on the protectors for the bars. Make sure you choose a protector for the bars, an element also called chichonera, which prevents them from hitting them.