Cot Sheets

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Linen and bed textiles represent one of the most important accessories in the context of furnishing children's bedrooms and bedrooms. With different patterns, shapes and details included in a bedroom set it is possible to personalize the room and adapt it to personal taste and furnishings.

When it comes to bed linens, the weft, prints and colors can reach the imagination of children who fall asleep wrapped in sheets and blankets, furnishing the bedrooms with the right atmosphere for rest, play and study.

How to choose cot sheets

When choosing the bed suit that best suits the needs of boys and girls, in addition to appearance, it is important to consider the comfort and practicality of materials and shapes, especially when it comes to very young children.

Opting for hypoallergenic and non-synthetic materials helps take care of the most delicate skin; cotton and linen are fresh and easy to wash while warm cotton is suitable for soothing the coldest nights with flannel. Mixed materials with elastene allow to place sheets, bedspreads and pillow covers flexibly on different types of beds.

After the comfort, the aesthetics: from classic classics for white, blue, pink, yellow and other pastel colors that adapt to the sex of the unborn child; to the idols of cartoons, prints with animals, little cars, hearts, flowers and everything that can bring joy to a child's room.

Choosing among the many options available is a matter of age and taste, however, there is no complete for a bed that cannot furnish the beds of children with practicality and comfort.