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The cradle has always had an important function in the first months of the child's life and it is good to choose carefully the one that best suits your needs. It is an essential accessory for the newborn's layette and there are different models that must be combined with a suitable mattress to ensure the child's correct sleep.

In addition to the classic models of wood and wicker, there are also lighter and transportable models in plastic, aluminum and fabric. Whatever the material you choose, the most important factor is that of safety and the cradle must therefore meet certain standards including the height of the banks and the width of the bars (to prevent the baby from getting stuck); as well as the absence of sharp elements or protruding parts.

Which cradle to choose?

There are many models of cribs for babies and the choice will depend on the needs of space and mobility.

The cradle with wheels can be useful if you have the need to carry it from one room to another or to travel; however, the classic cradles are available with feet in different material, to be placed in the bedroom or in the child's future bedroom.

A rocking model, safe and resistant, can be very useful to put the child to sleep or to calm pains like small colic.

If you travel a lot, the easily removable cribs and made of synthetic materials are definitely the best option, or the portable models, similar to baskets, very light but at the same time safe. If you want to furnish your bedroom in a vintage style, you can opt for a wicker crib complete with curtain.