Cuckoo Clocks

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Cuckoo clocks are anything but old-fashioned timepieces. They are still handcrafted today with the care of the original models from 200 years ago. Modern cuckoo clocks are available in different variants. The clock with the classic, richly decorated exterior is made unchanged in the Black Forest. However, alternative models can have modern designs and fancy features without having to stick to the familiar woodcarving style. All versions, however, house the bird behind the small doors that pops out and announces the hours with its unmistakable cuckoo sound.

The modern cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest still follow the Bahnhäusle style, which became the standard watch style in the 19th century, about 150 years after the first cuckoo clock was made in the Black Forest. You can be sure to hold a real cuckoo clock from the Black Forest in your hands if it has a VDS seal from the Black Forest Clock Association. Train station clocks come in two different designs. One is the birdhouse with detailed carved leaves and birds decorating the front and sides of the box. The cuckoo comes out behind double doors on the top of the case. Many bird houses have ornamental tops, including deer heads in hunting cuckoo clocks. The other is the Alm design. It consists of an ornate house with a rustic scene in the foreground and figures like the woodcutter, the beer drinker or the deer, who starts to jump when the cuckoo pops out of the double door. The bird is accompanied by dancing, spinning couples coming out of the upper doors.

Each watch has either a mechanical drive or an electronic quartz oscillator. Mechanical cuckoo clocks have two weights in the form of pine cones hanging from chains under the clock. They move in a cycle of 30 or 8 days and then have to be reared. Some cuckoo clocks have a third weight for the Swiss jukebox, which plays a tune to the cuckoo call. The bird calls every half hour and hour and receives its voice through a construction of organ pipes and bellows.

A cuckoo clock is the ultimate cult wall clock that lets you know the time throughout the day. Look forward to the call of the cuckoo every time and enjoy the care with which the watches are made and carved. Find the model that suits your home and your taste.